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Queen Elizabeth II
  • Salesforce Data Security: Trusted IP Ranges versus Login IP Ranges. This one always twists my brain 🤯
    A Salesforce org is like a multi-level office building. If you have a meeting with a customer in their office building on the 13th floor, you have to get through several security checks in order to meet them there. Starting with the main entrance, followed by the elevator, followed by the office entrance, followed by the meeting room. Each one requires a security pass to get through. Salesforce’s data security model works just the same. In this article we want to focus on the ‘main entrance’ security check. I’ll walk you through the options Salesforce checks for when someone attempts to enter a Salesforce org, including the importance of Trusted IP Ranges as well as Login IP Ranges.
  • Managing User Permissions – Best Practices & What Is Happening To User Profiles
    Managing User Permissions in Salesforce has always been quite the challenge. Especially when you are new to Salesforce. The entire topic of data access and security can make you want to bang your head against a wall. The good news is: Salesforce provides cushioning. This means, Salesforce heard you and is making user permission management a fair bit easier. In this article, we’ll discuss what is happening to User Profiles and how you should be using Permission Sets moving forward.
  • What Do Baking and Salesforce Have in Common?
    This is not your typical Salesforce blog. Today, I want to share a baking story…
  • The Power of One – The Greatest Formula Ever Written
    Have you ever had a moment learning about a Salesforce feature thinking to yourself: ‘Why hasn’t anyone told me about this earlier?’ Shaking your head in complete disbelief?? I know the feeling… So, here’s another one you probably haven’t heard of yet. Let me introduce 🥁🥁🥁: The ‘Power of One’ formula. A must-know for every Salesforce Administrator!
  • Is Salesforce Classic still relevant? A Comparison to Lightning Experience
    If you are new to the Salesforce ecosystem, you have probably been learning the ropes of Salesforce in Lightning. I’m referring to Salesforce’s user interface (UI) called Lightning Experience. Did you know that Salesforce used a very different UI called Salesforce Classic? It’s the original UI which is actually still in use. But no-one really talks about it anymore. Why is that?
  • Salesforce Certification Exams have just switched over to the Summer ’23 Release. How do you know what’s new?
    Are you currently preparing for your Salesforce Certification Exam? If so, do you know what’s new in the latest release? The below article will explain how to work through the release notes and identify the topics relevant for the type of exam you are planning to take, based on the Winter’23 release. However, we’ve just moved into Summer’23. Use the below article to understand the concept.
  • It’s about time to learn Salesforce Flow or isn’t it…
    Yes, Salesforce are in the process of deprecating Workflow Rules and Process Builder, leaving you with the Flow Builder. BUT!!! This ain’t happen over night. You’ve still got time to learn all about Flow Builder. And please know that Flow Builder is not rocket science. You will be able to learn Salesforce Flow, no matter what your background is, techy or not techy. Everyone can learn this. And I will tell you how! 👏🏻
  • Salesforce Basics – Create Salesforce Custom List Views and Increase Productivity
    You could see Salesforce List Views as mini Salesforce Reports. Because List Views work somewhat similar to Reports in a way that you can set filter criteria and thus focus on the Records that matter most. The biggest benefit is that Users can work directly from List Views without having to open individual Records unless required. Plus, Users can create their own custom List Views without any admin support. Let’s look at the different types of List Views and how they support daily productivity.
  • Salesforce Basics – Getting Started With The Lightning App Builder
    Help Salesforce users navigate more efficiently through the user interface. The better the user interface the higher the user adoption, and the more successful the Salesforce organization will be. You’ve got a few user interface management tools, amongst which is the awesome Lightning App Builder. Plus, it’s a declarative tool, no coding skills are required! In this tutorial, you’ll get to know the basic components of the Lightning App Builder. And, you will build your very first Custom Lightning Page with me. 👏🏻
  • Salesforce Basics – What is Advanced Currency Management in Salesforce?
    If you have been using multiple currencies in your Salesforce org you may have been wondering about how to keep the ever-changing exchange rates up to date. Have you? That’s why you are here. In the previous tutorial we’ve talked about how to activate and set up multiple currencies, and how to update the corresponding exchange rates. As promised, in this tutorial we’ll talk about how to manage dated exchanged rates with the help of Advanced Currency Management.
  • Salesforce Basics – Add New Currencies & Exchange Rates
    Adding a new currency to your Salesforce org is the easy part, but how do you determine the correct exchange rate? Sales data including the value of the sales are critical to business success. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how you should determine the appropriate exchange rate for any currency and what it does to Salesforce records.
  • Salesforce Basics – Manage Multiple Currencies
    Did you know that Salesforce is a single-currency org by default? Why would Salesforce do that? Well… every company is different and many companies work locally and simply don’t require any other currency than their own. But! As soon as your company starts selling its goods or services to neighboring countries or farther away, you need to add their currencies to your Salesforce org. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss what you need to do to get more than the default currency set up in any Salesforce org. Let’s go.
  • Salesforce Basics – How To Manage Company Settings in Salesforce
    The Company Settings in a Salesforce Org contain several vital information. This includes information about default settings, licenses, data and file space, and more. All of this pretty much builds the skeleton of your Salesforce Org on which everything else is built. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss why the Company Settings are so important and how it impacts other business processes you are planning to set up.
  • Salesforce Basics – What Is The Salesforce AppExchange?
    It’s Salesforce’s app store. But wait! Why would you even care about the Salesforce AppExchange? The Salesforce platform can already do everything you need it to do, right? How about we find out! In this tutorial, we’ll discuss use cases, and at what point you should consider adding an AppExchange App to your Salesforce Org.
  • Salesforce Basics – Understanding the Salesforce Architecture
    Isn’t the Salesforce Architecture the most boring of all Salesforce topics? Not quite! It’s actually pretty fascinating…
  • Customizing With The Salesforce Object Manager
    You don’t want to work with unhappy Salesforce Users! Let me explain…Everything that Salesforce Users, like Sales Reps or Customer Service Teams, see right in front of them is what we call the user interface. Salesforce Users are very sensitive to changes to their daily tasks, in particular to the way they complete them through Salesforce’s user interface. This means you want to make it as easy as possible for them. And if you don’t, they won’t be happy. Therefore, let’s find out how the Object Manager will become your secret weapon. It even has its own tab appearance in the Setup menu because you’ll be using it A LOT.
  • Exploring Salesforce Business Use Cases To Save Many Headaches
    Salesforce showed me how much more productive (and stress-less) life can be when you simply get organized. This should be a no-brainer. Yet it’s not! We have arrived well into the 21st century, and still so many companies use manual time-consuming processes for repetitive task that rob them of so much valuable time. And not only that. Losing time with admin tasks, means losing time you’d rather spend with getting to know your customers and making sales. In this article, we discuss common use cases where using the Salesforce platform has helped organizations make huge improvements. And it’s not always about making more sales, but having the time to focus on what matters most: Making an impact!
  • Build a Salesforce Custom App for your next Salesforce Job Interview
    Being new in the Salesforce job market can make you feel tiny in this vast Salesforce ecosystem. Many job ads seem to be looking for applicants with 2-3 or more years Salesforce experience. And you may not have any of that at all and you may feel like you will never find that Salesforce dream job. In this article we discuss how you can still stand out from the crowd and showcase your Salesforce talent… in your unique way!
  • What You Need To Know About The Salesforce Setup Menu
    Salesforce is a powerful platform with many configuration features and setup tools. In order to get the most out of Salesforce, it’s important to understand the options available to you. In this video tutorial, I will walk you through the three main Setup categories and explain what each one is for. Let’s go!
  • How Do I Navigate in Salesforce Lightning?
    While the Salesforce user interface is very intuitive, there are a few not-so-obvious navigation features you do want to be familiar with. Salesforce contains a lot of data in a lot of different places, a.k.a. Salesforce records. Therefore, the more effective you can navigate through the system, the faster you will find the information you are looking for or you want to update. Imagine the smile on your co-workers face when you can show them at least one trick you learned about in this video tutorial. Sounds good? Let’s go then.
  • Meet the #1 Customer Relationship Management Cloud Application, Salesforce!
    Salesforce is used by thousands of customers across many countries and growing massively. For good reason. It brings customers and their partners together to manage their daily business challenges in the smartest way possible. It’s called Customer Relationship Management, in short CRM. In this article, we look at the basic elements of the Salesforce CRM Platform and how it brings business data to life.
  • Build Your Own Salesforce Custom Report Types
    Salesforce Reports analyze data that is stored on Salesforce Records that belong to Salesforce Objects that are related to one another, or not. That’s a mouthful. And so are Salesforce Reports. Depending on how the data has been set up and structured in your Salesforce org, you’ll need to craft your reports in a corresponding fashion. Salesforce doesn’t leave you alone. They give you ready-to-use Standard Report Types. And if you can’t find what you need you simply build your own, meaning Custom Report Types. Let’s discuss the differences and when to use what type.
    The Salesforce Certification Exams have just switched over to Spring ’22. Aren’t we already moving into Summer ’22? That’s right. However, the exam cycles do have a shifted time frame. Salesforce learners need to be able to catch up. And here we go, if you are preparing for your Salesforce Certification Exam, make sure to familiarize yourself with the current release notes. Here are my TOP 10.
  • Why You Should Set up a Regular Salesforce Data Backup
    Did you know that Salesforce does not automatically create a backup of your Salesforce data? At least not in a way that would allow easy recovery. Any data loss or data corruption in a live Salesforce Org can have a devastating impact if you do not set up a comprehensive data backup and restore mechanism. In this article, we’ll discuss your options of manual and automated solutions.
  • Before You Run Your Next Salesforce Data Import
    Running Salesforce Data Imports to insert or update larger amounts of Salesforce records can be a real time-saver. OR NOT! It can also mess up your data seriously if the import is not prepared well. Which in turn, will cost you a lot of time instead, to fix it all over again. 🤯 In this article, I want to discuss how you can ensure your data imports run smoothly.
  • Restriction Rules – Yet Another Data Security Management Tool?
    Hell YESSS! Nothing is more important than protecting your customer’s sensitive data you are storing in your Salesforce Org. You can land in prison if you don’t. Ok, I’m being overdramatic, but nevertheless, data protection is a serious topic. So how about we break down the entire model and see how the Restriction Rules fit in? Let’s go!
  • How Do Salesforce Lightning Record Pages, Dynamic Forms and Page Layouts Go Together?
    When designing the look and feel of Salesforce Record Pages, System Administrators usually start off by creating and arranging Page Layouts. However, more recently, Salesforce has introduced Lightning Record Pages followed by Dynamic Records. You may have been wondering how they are different, or not, and how they actually play along? Can they be used together, or separate? What’s the deal here? 🤔
    The Salesforce Certification Exams have just switched over to Winter ’22. That’s right! Even though all Salesforce Orgs are already well into the Winter ’22 release cycle, the Salesforce Certification Exam cycles follow a slightly shifted time frame to give you a chance to catch up.
  • Before You Create Your Next Salesforce Report
    Are you a little bit like me? A co-worker comes over to you asking if you could help with this particular report they need, and then you jump right into the Report Builder to see what you can whip up. Not anymore! Let me explain why. This will save you a lot of headaches.
  • Should you still learn Workflow Rules and Process Builder?
    Salesforce has announced they will no longer develop and even deprecate Workflow Rules and Process Builder entirely. But, what does this mean for you? Here is what you need to know about what’s going to happen.
    The Salesforce Certification Exams have just switched over to Summer ’21. While you might already get excited about the Winter ’22 features, make sure to get familiar with the release highlights of the current Summer ’21 release.
    The Salesforce Spring’21 Release has arrived, most Salesforce Orgs have been updated. As always, we encourage you to keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest Salesforce features. So, here are our Top 10 Favorites.
    The Winter ’21 release cycle is in full swing. And we wouldn’t be WeLearnSalesforce if we wouldn’t encourage you to keep up-to-date on your Admin skills. And so, we want to share our favorite Winter ’21 Release Highlights with you.
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