Salesforce Administrator Certification – Practice Exams

Are you ready to take the exam?

It’s one thing to study all the topics but it’s another to put your knowledge into context. Find out what you know and don’t know with our Salesforce Administrator Certification – Practice Exams.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Course - Practice Exams


  • 300 Unique Practice Questions
  • 5 Complete Practice Exams with 60 Questions each
  • Questions based on Business Scenarios
  • Multiple Choice and Multi-Select Answers
  • Covering all 12 Exam Sections and 34 Objectives
  • Based on the official Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide
  • Each Practice Exam is timed at 90 Minutes

Just like in the real exam!* So you get a feel for the exam format and environment.

*Beware that the real exam includes 5 extra non-scored questions with 15 minutes added, giving you a total of 105 minutes. Source: Official Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide.


We will provide you with detailed information so you know why an answer was correct or false and where to go for more learning:

  • Overall Score Achieved
  • Section-Level Scoring for each Exam Section
  • Detailed Explanations for every single question
  • Plenty of relevant resources to deepen your learnings


  • Screenshots, Flowcharts and Diagrams
  • Links to relevant Salesforce Help Documentation and Knowledge Articles
  • Links to relevant WeLearnSalesforce Course Units

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and understand which topics you need to study more.

Prepare the smart way and take the exam with confidence.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Course - Practice Exams

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