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Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide – My 8 Hot Tips How To Get Certified Successfully Download Full Guide Here

If you are planning to get a Salesforce Certification, let me share my 8 hot tips with you that will help you succeed in your Salesforce Certification Exam. Of course, I can’t promise you will pass the exam, but I can promise that your chances to pass will increase significantly.

Let’s start with tip #1. Study the official Salesforce Exam Guide. 

It contains all the information you need to get Salesforce certified as well as the exam specifics, such as timing, cost and most importantly the exam objectives and their weighting. The greater the weighting, the more complex the topic.

And this leads me to my hot tip #2. Study the right topics. 

You’ve got the exam objectives right here. But, they can be hard to interpret. Each exam topic contains a number of sub-topics. To help you understand better what the exact topics are, I’ve created a Study Checklist for you. For each exam objective, which is represented as a section, you will find the individual topics in chronological order. This will help you learn in a structured way. You can tick off each topic as you progress and add notes to help you learn and review.

And that’s where tip #3 comes in. Study and practice with Trailhead, that’s what it’s there for. 

Hands-on practice is the best way to memorize what you are learning. Use our WeLearnSalesforce Trailmix. It is based on the official Trailmix that you will find in the exam guide. However, I’ve optimized it into a more logical structure and added some modules and projects to give you a well-rounded learning experience.

With this comes tip #4. Don’t freak out! 

It can feel overwhelming and you mind find yourself lost with all that content on Trailhead. 

Trailhead is mainly text-based which can be cumbersome to work through. Plus, not all topics are actually covered on Trailhead yet. 

That’s why I have created a Study Guide for you to keep you calm and focused. This guide covers all topics you will find on your Study Checklist and explains each topic with diagrams, flowcharts, checklists and best practices along with detailed descriptions. Each learning unit will also contain additional learning resources like links to the corresponding Trailmix modules or projects and links to other supporting Salesforce Documentation.

And for those of you that love watching videos and prefer learning in a more guided way, I have created a comprehensive Salesforce Certification Video Trainings for you that gives you the complete learning experience. It almost feels like you are sitting in a classroom with the instructor upfront teaching you all about each topic, showing you around in Salesforce to see how things come to life, and we’ll do plenty of hands-on exercises together.

And, wouldn’t it be nice to see how Salesforce works in the real world? Indeed it would! 

This is tip #5. Check out the Salesforce Customer Stories. 

Salesforce has an awesome collection of customer stories showcasing how and why they are using Salesforce.

Once you have learned everything and gotten familiar with business use cases, you probably have forgotten at least half of what you have been studying. That’s totally normal.

Follow my tip #6 and do Salesforce Certification Practice Exams. 

Practice Exams are the perfect way to test your knowledge and identify your strength and weaknesses. And, they give you a chance to get familiar with the exam format and complexity of exam questions and answers.

I have created a bundle of realistic Practice Exams for you so you can check your learning progress. The results include detailed explanations and plenty of resources to help you deepen your learnings.

My tip #7 then is this. Register for the exam when you feel confident.

You will need to register through a Webassessor account. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily create a new one.

Some say that you should register for the exam ahead of time, like three months into the future. This gives you a deadline you can work towards. However, the exam is easy to reschedule and you may find yourself postponing it, or, taking it, just for the sake of it because it’s booked, but then you may fail. You may not. But if you do you’re not only losing time but also money. The certification exam is $200 and the re-sit is $100.

What I recommend instead, is, yes, absolutely plan for it. Put a date in the calendar by when you’d like to be ready. When you get closer to that date, check in on your learning progress. If it’s looking good, then you can book your exam.

You will need to choose your test taker style. You can take the exam on-site at a Kryterion test center or online from home or work or anywhere you choose, as long as you have a computer, internet and a webcam. Both options are of course proctored. 

The online option will require you to install some software to access the exam. Exams taken at a Kryterion test center only require some form of ID and a happy smile. You are even given some scratch paper too, which you won’t be allowed to use in an online exam.

Get familiar with the requirements for each test taker style and choose the one you prefer. Many locations offer plenty of time slots throughout the week, so you should be able to book something not too far in the future.

And my last and final tip #8 is: Keep practicing your Salesforce Skills! 

Practice practice practice. Get your hands on the system. Trust me. That’s the best way to memorize what you are learning. You still have time, go back to the Practice Exams, do them again, practice weaker areas a bit more. This will give you so much more confidence.

I’ve put all this awesome advice into a comprehensive certification guide. It contains even more useful tips and tricks. Go ahead, and download it right away. It’s free, with no strings attached.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Guide Download Full Guide Here

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