Master Your Salesforce Resume – By Earning a Badge on Trailhead

Did you know there’s an entire Trailhead Module to help you create your Salesforce Resume??!! I just found out too. How awesome is that! You can learn to master your Salesforce Resume and even earn a badge for it to add to your Trailblazer.Me Profile. This is incredible! Trailhead surprises me again and again. Writing a really good resume is one of the hardest parts in your Salesforce job hunt process. It’s a huge factor in getting you the desired job interview…or NOT! Therefore, you want to be strategic how to craft your Salesforce Resume in order to highlight all those relevant hard and soft skills.

Author: Peggy Schael | Salesforce Trainer | WeLearnSalesforce


You kiddin’ me?? A strategy for my resume? Indeed! Your resume is the most important document during your job search. It’s going to be how recruiters and hiring managers view and evaluate all other documents they receive from their job applicants, like YOU. This means, you want your resume to speak volumes and spark interest!

In order to achieve this, having a strategy how to write and design your Salesforce resume will help you achieve this. Since resumes should not only offer relevant experiences, they should also be used to demonstrate your creativity. Creativity doesn’t mean drawing fancy pictures, or designing sparkling dresses. Creativity means being creative with the ways you format your resume and how you arrange the contents of your resume. There’s no one-size-fits-all resume. Your resumes should represent YOU, and you are unique and so should your resume be.

🌶️ Did you know that the average hiring managers scans through job applications at about six seconds per page?!! This means, every detail matters, because every second counts. It doesn’t have to be a thousand words to describe your work experiences or certifications. What matters more is that it’s concise but also thorough.

So, have a plan! 


Here are some of the most relevant aspects of a stand-out Salesforce Resume:

👉 Keep your resume short and precise

This means, only include recent and relevant experience. No more than 10-15 years back, if you have that many. And if you don’t have any work experience yet, than that’s fine too. You can still showcase your skills in creative ways.

👉 Create a unique resume file

There are loads of templates out there that you can most certainly refer to. And you should! Because they help you understand how to design your resume. BUT, don’t blindly copy a template. Recruiters and hiring managers are well aware of all these templates and they can tell right away whether you just copied something or whether you added your own twist to it.

👉 Spotlight relevant skills and experiences

This is where your Salesforce expertise comes in. In a Salesforce resume you want it to scream ‘Salesforce’. Therefore, you MUST include any form of experience, even if it’s “only” Trailhead hands-on experience. ANY! form of experience matters!

Therefore, make sure to include any of the following:

  • Your Salesforce Certification/s – If you don’t have one, add your Salesforce Superbadges instead (they fall under the Salesforce Certification Program)
  • A Salesforce project – If you don’t have an on-the-job project yet, then create your own
  • Your Salesforce community involvement – If you haven’t yet, join Trailblazer Community groups
  • Your Trailblazer.Me profile – If you don’t have one yet, there really is no way around it! Go create one!


Of course, there’s a lot more to writing a really good resume. And Trailhead wouldn’t be Trailhead if they didn’t even offer a Module on this topic.

Et voila, here’s an extensive Trailhead Module on “Resume Writing Strategies”. It not only includes step-by-step instructions, it also includes resume examples and a lot more resources:

Go to:

And please do let me know how this module worked out for you (if you’re giving it a try). Did you find it helpful? Did you use any other resources to write your resume? I’d love to know. 


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