Build Your Most Impressive Salesforce Resume Ever – With Experience Cloud

Sounds like overkill? It may be. BUT! This is your chance to build a truly outstanding Salesforce Resume, in a digital format. Because you want to showcase your digital skills right? Right! And there’s no better place to do so than with Experience Cloud on your Trailhead Playground, completely free of charge. 🤯 And you know why? Because…you’ll be killing two birds with one stone like no other resume can do! In this article we discuss why you may want to go overkill and how this will set yourself apart from the Salesforce competition.

Author: Peggy Schael | Salesforce Trainer | WeLearnSalesforce

Even though tech companies, including Salesforce, have recently been in the news for laying off employees, the demand for Salesforce jobs is still there. You can ask any Salesforce recruiter to confirm this. And with the demand being high, so is the competition. However you can most certainly stand out from this Salesforce crowd by building something unique no-one else will have and that is your very personal Salesforce Resume website. There is no other YOU, and that is your unique advantage.

Even if you are brand new to Salesforce, you can already start building your unique Salesforce Resume, sometimes also referred to as a Salesforce Portfolio.

Your personal portfolio website is pretty much the online version of your resume. It’s a compilation of work experiences including examples and documents, as well as education and extracurricular activities. But wait…it’s not just a list of items like you would do in a classic resume created on MS Word. That would not be worth the effort. But what is worth the effort is the opportunity to incorporate your Salesforce knowledge and configuration skills in a very smart way.


A Salesforce resume requires Salesforce skills to start with right? Right! Therefore! If you are brand new, don’t go straight into building an Experience Cloud Site. You may not even know what Experience Cloud even is. Instead, start by learning the fundamental Salesforce skills first. Otherwise, it’s like trying to drive a car without a drivers license. It probably won’t go very well.

You can learn all things Salesforce, including Experience Cloud, on Trailhead with self-guided Trailmixes like this one:

Go to:

🌶️ Click the ‘Follow’ button to save this Trailmix to your Favorites.

If you prefer a more structured and instructor-guided learning experience you may choose a Salesforce Certification Course like this one:

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, what matters most is that you start building your Salesforce knowledge profile, a.k.a. Trailblazer.Me Profile. And once you’ve learned your Salesforce Basics you’ll know what Experience Cloud is too, and even how it works. 🤓


This is where all your Salesforce skills come together, by completing Trailhead Badges, Superbadges and ultimately Salesforce Certifications.

Like mine:

View full profile:

Your Trailblazer.Me Profile will therefore become an essential component of your digital Salesforce Resume. 

“Trailblazer.Me Profile: A Trusted Resume for the Salesforce Economy.”

Now, the Trailblazer.Me Profile page is provided by Trailhead and cannot be customized to your personal style. And this is where Experience Cloud comes in.


With Experience Cloud you are creating a digital experience. In simple English: You are creating a website, using Salesforce’s own service called Experience Cloud. Sites created with Experience Cloud are called Digital Experience Sites. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything and you don’t need to know how to use HTML. 

Digital Experiences can be created with your free Trailhead Playgrounds, or other Developer Orgs, which won’t expire anytime soon unless you stop using them. Plus, when creating Digital Experience Sites you can choose from a range of templates from where you can drag and drop the components you wish to use.

And the best part is, you can learn how to create your own Digital Experience Site on Trailhead and earn additional badges to add to your Trailblazer.Me Profile. How awesome is that!

Go to:


While you are designing your Digital Salesforce Resume, don’t forget to incorporate your Trailblazer.Me Profile. Because this is your proof of your Salesforce skills. This means, your digital Salesforce Resume will display your work history and education including your Salesforce Experience, and even if that is “only” your Trailhead Badges, Superbadges and Certifications. You may not have any on-the-job Salesforce experience yet, but you DO HAVE EXPERIENCE with the Salesforce platform. And that alone is fully worth to be demonstrated!

Therefore, once this is all put into place, you’ll publish your Experience Cloud site and share it with the world!! 👏🏻 You’ve worked hard for it. You can share it on your LinkedIn profile, other Social profiles, even your classic Resume, email signature and so on.

You’ve not just completed your learning on Trailhead and may have gained a Salesforce Certification, you’ve taken it even A HUGE STEP FURTHER by building an Experience Cloud Site all by yourself in your very personal way.

The side effect: You’ll learn even more about Salesforce’s Clouds and how they integrate with each other, considerations in Salesforce Profiles and Permissions etc. You’ll be able to answer technical Salesforce questions in your upcoming job interviews with much more confidence. Plus, you’ll be able to demonstrate you can think outside the box and find suitable solutions for business processes, such as expanding Salesforce to relevant products or apps.

Are you going to build one? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know in the comments. And if you built one, share the link too. I’d love to take a look. 👏🏻


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