Exploring Salesforce Business Use Cases To Save Many Headaches

Salesforce showed me how much more productive (and stress-less) life can be when you simply get organized. This should be a no-brainer. Yet it’s not! We have arrived well into the 21st century, and still so many companies use manual time-consuming processes for repetitive task that rob them of so much valuable time. And not only that. Losing time with admin tasks, means losing time you’d rather spend with getting to know your customers and making sales. In this article, we discuss common use cases where using the Salesforce platform has helped organizations make huge improvements. And it’s not always about making more sales, but having the time to focus on what matters most: Making an impact!

Author: Peggy Schael | Salesforce Trainer | WeLearnSalesforce

This article is not only for potential Salesforce customers out there. It’s for Salesforce Administrators, Business Analysts, Consultants and others too. It helps you understand the importance of getting Salesforce set up for any business department, in the right way. Therefore, let’s find out how Salesforce can help businesses and different business functions.

Typical Business Challenges

Have you come across long winded convoluted email trails, outdated Excel spreadsheets, inconsistencies across documents, tedious and repetitive manual steps? Then we’re onto something to fix.

These are not only problems of sales reps or marketers. It may appear Salesforce only offers solutions for sales processes or marketing strategies or customer service.

Even though Salesforce’s key products are named after these (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud), the Salesforce platform can be extended to pretty much any other business function.

Depending on the complexity of the requirements, you can already integrate other business needs into the Salesforce edition you or the company you work for have already signed up for. If the integration however becomes too complex, you may want to look at Salesforce’s product range or explore solutions on the AppExchange instead.

“Always explore the capabilities of what you can do with what you are already paying for.”


Therefore, let’s see what you can already do with the Salesforce org you got in front of you.

Explore Salesforce Business Use Cases

The challenges I mentioned earlier are the same across any business function. Salesforce’s core products already have solutions for these common business processes built into the platform out-of-the-box (e.g. Tasks, Chatter, List Views, just to name a few). You just need to make use of them and apply them across your Standard and Custom Objects and Apps.

Let’s look at some examples other than sales, service or marketing:

IT – can use Salesforce to track and analyze requests, automate email confirmations on status updates or track hardware used by employees.

HR  – can use Salesforce to capture and monitor performance reviews. Or manage on-boarding and other training plans as well as holidays and other leave.

Finance – can use Salesforce to manage pricing, budget and contracts.

Other – Throughout our Salesforce Administrator Certification Course you will get a good idea of the essential tools and other use cases to build in additional functionalities.

For more complex business requirements, make sure to check out Salesforce’s product range, like Salesforce Financial Service Cloud, Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Education Cloud, and many others. And as always, make sure to have a look at the Salesforce AppExchange too.

Which business function would you like to see integrated into Salesforce? Leave me a comment below.


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  2. Great blog post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your insights on exploring Salesforce business use cases to save headaches. As someone who works in the field, it’s always beneficial to learn about real-life examples and success stories.

    Your breakdown of various use cases was informative and well-structured. I appreciated how you explained each scenario and its corresponding solution in a clear and concise manner. It not only helped me understand the potential of Salesforce but also sparked ideas for my own business.

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    Overall, this blog post was a great resource for anyone interested in understanding the potential of Salesforce in solving business challenges. I commend you for sharing your knowledge and experience in a well-written and engaging manner. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Keep up the excellent work!

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