What you didn’t know about the AppExchange

Did you know you can find a job on the AppExchange? Salesforce is not just a place to search for Salesforce Partner Apps that integrate with your Salesforce Org. It is so much more!

Author: Peggy Schael | Salesforce Trainer | WeLearnSalesforce

Did you know you can find a job on the AppExchange? No? Me neither, up until a little while back. When I thought the AppExchange is merely a place to look for Salesforce Partner Apps that integrate with your Salesforce Org.

There is so much more! Salesforce is truly making sure their eco system extends to any of their platforms, whether it’s Trailhead, Salesforce Help, AppExchange and others. So, how about we take a closer look at what the AppExchange really has in store for you. Shall we?

Initially, the AppExchange was born as a marketplace for Salesforce Partner Apps. As Salesforce is evolving not only their amazing products but also their entire community, so is the AppExchange.

You will essentially find three main sections on the AppExchange:

1 – Solutions to extend Salesforce to your business’ needs

2 – Experts to work with, including a Job Marketplace

3 – Community to learn from and support each other


This is still the largest section on the AppExchange and typically the main reason you will end up taking a look at the AppExchange. It’s Salesforce’s own app store where you will find authorized extensions such as Apps, Flow Solutions, Components and more. These solutions are either owned by Salesforce or by a Salesforce Partner and may be free of charge or come at a fee.

You can browse for solutions by Type (e.g. App, Flows, Components), by Product (e.g. Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud) or by Industry (e.g. Healthcare, Real Estate, Media). Browsing is a great way to get inspired and explore potential options.

WeLearnSalesforce Blog - AppExchange - Solutions to Extend Salesforce
Source: appexchange.salesforce.com

If you already know more about what exactly you are looking for, you can use the search feature. I personally use this most of the time, since you can search for a specific company or product name, or you use search terms such as departments or roles, you name them. And to make the most of your search, you can apply filters to narrow down your search results.

WeLearnSalesforce Blog - AppExchange - Search for a specific Solution to Extend Salesforce
Source: appexchange.salesforce.com

The list of search results doesn’t reveal too much about the solution, so you either hover over the hyperlink or better click on the hyperlink to open the full page.

Here is a great example of a Project Management App by Inspire Planner. It’s a very intuitive and 100% Salesforce-native solution that is used by companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 in order to manage projects of any shape and size. 

You will find an overview with plenty of details about the product as well as customers reviews. And if you like what you are seeing, you can even watch a demo or take it for a test drive before making the decision.

WeLearnSalesforce Blog - AppExchange - Example for a specific Solution to Extend Salesforce
Source: appexchange.salesforce.com

When you are logging in with your existing Trailblazer or other Salesforce login, you will even get recommendations and it also remembers your recent search results.

WeLearnSalesforce Blog - AppExchange - Recent Search Results for Solutions to Extend Salesforce
Source: appexchange.salesforce.com


This is one of the sections you may not have explored yet. Do you require the help of Salesforce Experts such as Consulting Partners or individual Developers? Then jump into the Consultants tab. You can search for suitable Consultants or Developers using the provided filter options to specify your search by expertise, language, country and other options.

WeLearnSalesforce Blog - AppExchange - Experts to work with and Job Marketplace
Source: appexchange.salesforce.com

And the most exiting category in here is the Job Marketplace. You can even post a job offering or search for a job yourself. How cool is that?

Source: appexchange.salesforce.com


And this one is where the true Salesforce Ohana comes together. All in one place. The Learn tab is your go-to place to access great articles, learning contents on Trailhead, connections to your peers through the Trailblazer Community Groups and so much more. Do me a favor and make sure to check out these resources. I’m sure there is something in there for you too. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.

WeLearnSalesforce Blog - AppExchange - Community to Learn and Collaborate
Source: appexchange.salesforce.com

Now go explore the AppExchange. Found something else that I haven’t mentioned in this article? Please share with me in the comments.

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