How to maintain your Salesforce Certificate

This is just the beginning! You have passed the Salesforce Certification Exam and you can proudly call yourself a Certified Salesforce Professional. Now it’s all about gaining more experience and advancing your Salesforce knowledge.

WeLearnSalesforce Blog - How to maintain your Salesforce Administrator Exam Credential

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Author: Peggy Schael | Salesforce Trainer | WeLearnSalesforce

In this last of my eight-part certification guide, let’s look at ways to share your proudly earned Salesforce Credential with potential employers and how to maintain your trophy.


First up, make sure your certification is listed on your Trailblazer Profile. In case you haven’t linked your Webassessor Account with your Trailblazer Profile yet, follow these instructions.


Don’t be shy, share your success with the world. You have worked hard for this and can be very proud of yourself.

You can now

  • add your Salesforce Credential to your Personal CV,
  • share the link to your Trailblazer Profile on your social media accounts such as LinkedIn.

In order to keep your well-earned Salesforce Certification, you need to complete Maintenance Modules. Don’t worry, that sounds worse than it is. Quite the opposite, they are not that hard. Plus, they are free of charge.

Salesforce used to require three Maintenance Modules per year according to each release cycle. However, this had changed to only once per year. Phew!

Salesforce will send you email reminders about your certification maintenance and dates. You will also find this information on Trailhead.

Most Maintenance Modules have been fully integrated into Trailhead. So you can not only study new features and complete the maintenance challenges in your Trailhead Playground but also earn additional points and badges. Win win!

WeLearnSalesforce - Complete The Salesforce Maintainance Exams
Source: Example for Administrator Certification Maintainance (Spring 20) – List of upcoming Maintenance Schedule:


We truly care about your success! So let’s keep in touch. It’s all about supporting each other.

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Salesforce Administrator Certification Guide Download Full Guide Here

WeLearnSalesforce - Download our FREE Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide
Download our FREE Ultimate Salesforce Certification Guide

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