Gone Fishing – For A Yummy Salesforce Training

Finding a Salesforce Training Course that suits your learning style, is like going fishing and having the right bait. Let us help you on your fishing expedition.

Author: Peggy Schael | Salesforce Trainer | WeLearnSalesforce

Finding a Salesforce Training Course that suits your learning style, is like going fishing and having the right bait.

Let us help you on your fishing expedition. Are you a System Administrator, Developer, Consultant, Business User or Job Seeker who wants to learn about the core principles and features of the Salesforce platform? Then you have made your catch.

Welcome to the WeLearnSalesforce Video Learning Platform. It’s the perfect place to learn Salesforce at your convenience in your own time. Everyone has a different learning style and we believe that our courses hold something for everyone. We want to make learning Salesforce easier and more accessible.

I had to go “fishing” for a Salesforce Class myself back when I started learning Salesforce. After self-teaching myself for a while I realized I’m missing the big picture and what else Salesforce is capable of. However, finding a reputable training provider wasn’t as easy as I thought. I was lucky that the company I was working for sent me to a class offered by the Salesforce University (now Trailhead Academy). I even became a Certified Salesforce Instructor myself. Read about what it means jumping into ice-cold water to explore new career opportunities in my previous article (while we are on the topic of fishing and water).

Not everyone has a chance to attend classroom-based training. Most of you will therefore get started on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free learning platform. However, it’s mostly text-based and it contains so much information that you can easily get lost like a fish in a big pond.

Therefore, our WeLearnSalesforce Video Courses are an extension of a classroom-based learning experience. Being fully online and on-demand. You can access our video courses at any time from any device you have at home or at work or elsewhere, as long as it has an internet connection and an internet browser.

And what makes our Salesforce Video Courses so yummy, you may ask? Well, the juice of our courses lies in the methods we know make Salesforce learning successful. These methods consist of the main pillars of Learning Concepts combined with related Business Use Cases plus and most importantly Hands-on Practice. And all of this in one place.

WeLearnSalesforce - Salesforce Administrator Certification - Video Training Course
WeLearnSalesforce – Salesforce Administrator Certification – Video Training Course

Check out our FREE Salesforce Administrator Certification Introduction Course to see me and our WeLearnSalesforce Course Player in action.

From my own learning experience plus teaching thousands of students, I know how important a logical structure and guidance along the way is. Each of our Salesforce courses follows an end-to-end approach, meaning each learning unit builds up knowledge towards the next unit. So you are learning step-by-step in bite-size junks.

Each unit starts with the learning concepts which contain diagrams, flow charts, checklists and best practices. The theory is nice but useless if you don’t know how this fits in with requests or problems a company is trying to solve with the help of Salesforce. It’s like going fishing without using any bait.

So, we’re adding loads of business use cases to put the technical functionality of Salesforce into a business-specific context. This will help you make the connection between business needs and how to leverage the potential of the Salesforce Platform.

The learning concepts have been collated into PDF Workbooks for you to download and use to make notes. You can even take them to work and use the pages as cheat-sheets. You can’t possibly remember everything right? Neither can I, so it’s important to have some checklists or guides at hand, that I want to share with you.

WeLearnSalesforce - Salesforce Administrator Certification - PDF Workbook
WeLearnSalesforce – Salesforce Administrator Certification – PDF Workbook

And you know what makes all this learning even more successful? Any guesses? Right, hands-on practice. Your expertise is only as good as your practice. You will hear me say this a lot. Get your hands on the system!

This means the things we discuss throughout the learning concept, I will then demo for you in Salesforce. And while I demo, you can already follow along in your own Salesforce login, so you can get started with your hands-on practice right away. And after the demo, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice on your own.

And you know what is really exciting? The hands-on exercises are done on the popular Trailhead platform. Trailhead is Salesforce’s own learning platform with text-based learning units which contain thousands of awesome exercises so you can practice as much as you like. And while you exercise, you collect points and badges which are collated on your so-called Trailblazer Profile. The Trailblazer Profile will even hold your Salesforce Certifications once you passed the exams. You can then easily add a link to your Trailblazer Profile to your CV or share on LinkedIn or elsewhere.

Let me show you how to get started with Trailhead in our Free Salesforce Introduction Course.

Learning is a journey. Trust the process. Do your own research and just get started.

Do you struggle to find out how to best prepare for a Salesforce Certificate? We created an 8-STEP Guide with everything you need to get ready with confidence for your exam day. Plus we’re throwing in some hot tips and secret recipes.

Download our FREE Salesforce Certification Guide

Download our FREE Salesforce Certification Guide

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